Bad credit Auto loan customers stay away for the weekend. Hear why?

If you have bad credit Presidents weekend is hell for a bad credit auto loan customer. If you are looking for Subprime Auto loans and you have bad credit the dealership will give you more of a selection but a much higher interest rate.  Take a break for a weekend and trust me its worth the wait. Who wants to be hit with interest rates that are higher so some guy and the bank can benefit on a national holiday. Tuesday the interest rates will drop. You don’t believe me try it out yourself. Go to a dealership over the weekend and see what the rate of interest is for a bad credit auto loan. Walk away from the sale. Go back during the week and see if the rate of interest has gone down “which it will” and they come over to you and say they can do a better rate. You will be thanking me in the end! Send me some feedback at or just come to the site and fill out the auto loan application at

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